A bug in the extinct and endangered species room


A bug in the extinct and endangered species room 2016
Video and sound, 5.41 minutes.

During a residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, I chanced upon an electrical glitch at the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution. In a small, quiet side room, lights dimmed and flickered, illuminating and obscuring an array of feathered, scaled and bristly animals, from the Aye Aye to the Thylacine. Aside from their current morbid predicament; stuffed, preserved and displayed behind glass vitrines, the animals are also linked by their presence on the extinct and endangered species list. The faulty lighting in the room creates a kind of museum ready-made, thanks to failed technology. The sound is recorded from within the museum itself, and contrasts animal, storm and jungle noises with the murmurs of museum visitors and plodding documentary narration.


The Cite Internationale des Arts Rosamond McCulloch studio residency was awarded through UTAS and made possible with the assistance of the Marie Edwards Travelling Scholarship
+ shown at Moonah Arts Centre as part of Ten days on the Island festival 2017