Illusions and Things

DSC05495Untitled-4made of dust 2017
Desk Lamp, mirror, powder and petroleum jelly – the likeness of the moon is drawn using dust on a circular mirror, a desk lamp reflects the image onto the wall
Untitled-5Extinct and Endangered Species on the Telly 2017
Video, 1970s TV, table

tiger mirage 2017
hologram created using parabolic mirror, plastic toy Thylacine, concrete, table


Illusions and Things at the Moonah Art Centre

We construct the world around us, based on our limited human perception, our anthropocentric experiences, and the experiences of generations past.

The present is at once connected to the past, and to a future we can’t fathom.

We used to think that TV connected us. It shaped us too.

When I looked up at the moon,

I used to feel connected to everyone and everything.

Hi Moon!

You global monument.

+Created for Crossroads curated by Victor Medrano, presented at Moonah Arts Centre as part of Ten Days on the Island festival. 2017
Participating  Artists: Lou Conboy, Sabrina Evans, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Nadege Philippe-Janon and Caz Rodwell.